Added Value of Fiber

The University of Colorado created a study that showed that high speed internet can add an average of 3.1% (or $2,000 to $5,400) to a home’s value. Furthermore, there is data to suggest that there is a 7% difference in value between a house with 25 Megabits compared to 1 gigabyte of fiber connection. To put this in perspective they compared this to the monetary value of a new fireplace or half of a new bathroom.

Verizon conducted a similar study that showed the estimated rental value of a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom house had an average rent that was 5% higher than a 2-bed 2-bath house without fiber access. They concluded from their study that access to fiber drives all real estate value up.

In the UK, BBC reported that broadband is viewed as a utility and that a property without broadband was worth up to twenty percent less. The need for broadband across the country and even the world is becoming increasingly obvious and added value to real estate is just one of the many benefits. When you bring in Fiber to a city, not only is the quality of life increasing, but the monetary value rises as well.



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