The Growing Fiber Movement

The city of Oxnard, California has officially started the process of implementing a citywide Fiber network that would bring high-speed internet to the whole town. Oxnard mayor Tim Flynn stated “This is a crucial pathway to economic development and the ability to attract advanced businesses that offer high-paying jobs in the City of Oxnard. Access to high-speed internet and data networks will also give existing businesses the tools they need to expand”   

Oxnard is a great example of a city that is embracing change in the business world and is taking the necessary steps to help further the growth of the city’s economy. Information Technology Director Keith Brooks compared the gigabit fiber network to a renewable natural resource that “will be the foundational infrastructure investment for the city that will provide high-speed internet services for businesses and residents, as well as countless modern initiatives.”

Oxnard uses more than 35 miles of fiber throughout the city to operate their traffic network as well as city facilities and services. The city saw the fiber network as an opportunity to offer high-speed, reliable internet to the city’s businesses, schools, hospitals and much more. On top of improving their existing economy, Oxnard officials saw this as a way to utilize Smart City technology to improve the quality of life of businesses and residents alike. The term “Smart City” refers to cities that have embraced technological advancement and utilize different methods of electronic data collection and storage. This allows for the city to be more prepared to undergo hardships and react efficiently. By connecting the city together through fiber, the entire city is operating on a much faster, safer network.

Oxnard differs demographically from most of Montana but nonetheless is an excellent example of the willingness to adapt to the evolving business world. By implementing this new city wide system, Oxnard will begin to see a lot of economic growth from new opportunities in their existing economy as well as having a higher appeal to draw in new business because of the capabilities of fiber. As time goes on, this is a trend that will be more prevalent and widely accepted among other cities as people start to see the benefits that fiber provides to everyone that has access.

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